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Do you want to celebrate Holi differently this year? Each and every Indian festival is unique in itself and so is Holi. Applying colors on each other's face and enjoying splashes of water is the actual essence of Holi. Special sweets and food stuffs are prepared and shared on this occasion. Celebrating this festival is the real way of sharing colors of joy, love and enthusiasm. Try to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi to add more colours of safety and satisfaction to your celebration. Celebrating an Eco-friendly Holi allows you to enjoy each and every moment just like a normal Holi celebration. An Eco-friendly celebration gives you full freedom to have unlimited fun as well pleasure of protecting nature. Such celebration also allows you to save money on harmful colours and other irrelevant products. It does not mean that you have to celebrate this festival of colours without colours.

How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi?

Have a quick look at some ways of celebrating an Eco-friendly Holi. Also encourage your friends and relatives for having such a safe and natural celebration.

1. Use Natural Colours

Use only natural and home made colours during Holi. Using a natural colour ensures that you do not harm your skin, eyes and hair while playing Holi. The fake colours normally used during Holi are chemical based and can cause harm. Such colours can not only harm your skin, eyes, hair, etc; but also cause permanent disorder to your precious organs. It is also very difficult to wash-out these fake colours while taking bath. Here is a simple and quick way of making some eco-friendly colours for Holi. • Put some pieces of beet-root in boiling water and let it stay overnight. Amazing coloured water will be ready to be used for Holi in the morning. • Take some black grapes and amla and cut them in fine pieces. Put the pieces in boiling water and let the water cool down to get a nice black color for Holi. • Dry petals of marigold flower in shadow and grind them in a mixer; a yellow colour is ready for you. You can also use turmeric powder as yellow color. Turmeric powder is very good for skin. • Prepare green colour by putting spinach, mint and neem leaves in hot water and let it stay for some time. You can also make dry green color by grinding dried leaves of spinach, mint and neem leaves.

2. Avoid Using Plastic Bags and Balloons

Lot of people have a habit of throwing small plastic bags and balloons filled with water on each other. The remains of which create environmental pollution. Hitting each other with plastic bags and balloons during Holi can cause harm to some external organs. You should also stop other people from doing this.

3. Share Your Natural Colors

Share your natural colors with your friends and relatives. Such sharing of ecofriendly colours will encourage your friends and relatives to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi. In-fact you can make a plan with your friends or relatives to prepare natural colours one day before Holi. This activity will help you to involve more and more people to celebrate an ecofriendly Holi with you.

4. Avoid Using Irrelevant Products

Avoid using irrelevant and harmful products like oil paints, petrol, mud and other chemical based product during Holi. Such products can create health hazards and also harm nature. It is very difficult to remove colours containing such products when applied on skin. Make sure that you also stop others from using such harmful colours.

5. Avoid Wasting Water

Though cool splashes of water are worth enjoying, we should use it in limited amount. It is very necessary to avoid wastage of water on account of such occasions. Using natural colours is one of the best ways to avoid wastage of water. As you do not require much water to clean these colours from your compounds, buildings, premises and your body, a considerable amount of water can be saved. You can also save water by celebrating Holi with dry Eco-friendly colours. Though eco-friendly Holi is a popular concept today it is not new to Indians. Such eco-friendly Holi was celebrated by Lord Krishna too. He used to make use of only natural colours made out of dried leaves and petals of flowers. So do not get carried away with the fun involved in festivals and forget nature. Celebrate an Eco-friendly Holi to avoid its exploitation this time.