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Nanak Bagichi: A Big Boost To Urban Afforestation

Pavan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat.
- Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Japji Prayer f Shri Guru Granth Sahib

Nanak Bagichi, also known as Miyawaki forest or Miyawaki plantation, is a highly effective method of urban afforestation. Even in the Japji prayer of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, it is stated that the Air is our Guru, water is the father and earth is our great mother. This actually means that our bond with nature shall become as strong as our bond with our family members. We are inseparable from our environment, so it is very important that we value all the resources of nature accordingly. Nanak Bagichi, therefore, is a solution to the ever-growing problems faced by city environments worldwide today. Because this method was invented by Prof. Akira MIyawak, a Japanese botanist, hence the name was derived as Miyawaki Plantation. To know how you can contribute to our Tree Plantation initiatives, then please contact us now.

Nanak Bagichi is a wonderful opportunity for you to take part in ecosystem restoration by turning backyards into forests. This method of tree plantation involves planting saplings in small areas, causing them to fight for resources and grow nearly 10 times faster. Also, trees are planted as close as possible, which not only saves space but also helps the planted saplings support each other in growth and block sunlight from reaching the ground so that the growth of weeds can be prevented. Not only that, the techniques used in this Nanak Bagichi result in a plantation that is 30 times denser than usual. This is the reason why many Indian states including Punjab, Delhi, and even Kerala have grown a large number of Guru Nanak Sacred Forests to help rapid afforestation within a short period. What's even better is that within just three years, the entire mini forest becomes self-sustainable and it does not require any maintenance.

Nanak Bagichi (Miyawaki method) is very helpful in reducing pollution in cities because they are one of the most rapid means of urban afforestation. They are a direct answer to all the health-related problems that are being caused by Urban Heat Island effects in our cities. Minimum maintenance is required and there are no chemicals and fertilizers used in the process. This is the reason why we planned to make this video and share some amazing facts about the Nanak Bagichi concept. At Environment Matters NGO, we are passionate about green initiatives, especially tree plantation drives.

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